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British Heavy Metal band PRIMITAI are back, reorganised and re-energised, with their new album NIGHT BRINGS INSANITY scheduled for a May 2016 release.

With no rules apart from more soaring vocals, powerful melodies and guitar acrobatics, Primitai truly bridge the metal spectrum. All 9 tracks are sharp and modern, without loosing touch of the values that made the classic bands like Priest and Maiden conquer the world. Impossible to pigeonhole, NIGHT BRINGS INSANITY is a slab of pure melodic heavy metal.

Primitai had their breakthrough in 2010 upon the release of their 2nd album LINE OF FIRE. Since then they have toured the UK and Ireland all over, and appeared at Bloodstock, Hammerfest, High Voltage, Wacken Cruise and Hard Rock Hell. Their 2013 album RISE AGAIN pushed them to new heights Р UK dates with SEPULTURA and SAXON, even greater praise from the biggest metal press, and hitting Europe for the first time. The momentum culminated in a 2015 tour with WOLF, after which the band went straight back into studio.

Guitarist Sergio¬†Giron’s talents have injected a finesse and flair to the sound, building on their trademark no-nonsense riffs. With co-lead guitarist Srdjan equally raising his game, the music goes for the throat, with the fresh spontaneity of a debut album complimented with refined songwriting and progressive edge. Guy Miller’s vocals match the light and shade of the album, sung with conviction whether soft or snarling.¬†Completing Primitai in 2016 are bassist Scott Miller and drummer Jonathan Warren, formerly of DRY THE RIVER, with whom they graced the mainstages of Reading and Glastonbury, toured North America and released two UK Top 40 albums.

Vocal recording and production was once again entrusted to¬†Tom¬†Keech, a winning combination as heard on the Line of Fire and Rise Again. Reamping, Mixing and Mastering was handled by Lasse Lammert (ALESTORM, GLORYHAMMER) at LSD Studios near Hamburg, Germany, a talented producer with an incredibly well equipped studio and fine understanding of contemporary metal production.¬†Primitai¬†alumni¬†Tom¬†Draper¬†guests a stunning solo on one of the album’s reflective moments, a symbol of their enduring musical chemistry and friendship since his move to San Francisco.

In the changing state of the music industry in 2016¬†Primitai¬†chose to grit their teeth and keep fighting for the cause. Metal is honest and resilient, so let’s celebrate an exciting new chapter for the band, and the enduring strength and unity of the scene!”

2016 Primitai Promo


Primitai live in Hastings


Primitai are taking a break from the studio to hit the South Coast in anticipation of their new album...expect a full headline set with some brand new music! more info to come

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Out to prove once and for all that British metal is alive and well!

-- Primitai 2017 --



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